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Daniel Kasaska
Daniel Kasaska Cert. DipPFS
Symponia Member and also accredited member of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA)

Welcome to Care Fees planning.  You are likely to be visiting this site because you are deeply concerned about the long term care provision for your parent, relative, or loved one.

  • The money that they allocated for their long term care may possibly run out in the future
  • They would like to stay in their chosen home for the rest of their life
  • They would not want to be a burden on you if the cost of care ever became too high

You are considering entering a home or you are in a residential or nursing home now and…

  • You do want to make sure you do not use all of your hard-earned capital paying for care fees
  • You want peace of mind that your money for elderly care will be able to meet the rising care costs indefinitely
  • You would like to know if Care Fees Planning can enable you to stay in your chosen home or your own house
  • You would like long term care insurance allowing you to leave your children and grandchildren an inheritance

What are the good benefits?

  • Care Fees payment plans offer a higher level of guaranteed net income for life care as long as care costs are needed
  • No need to move out from home
  • No fear that the money for your care will run out
  • No fear that the money for your care will run out
  • Have peace of mind
  • Tailored Care Fees Payment Plans to meet immediate care costs or planning for future elderly care

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your care fees options or if perhaps you would like a free copy of our current Guide to Care Fees Planning.


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