Care Fees Planning Verification Service


In addition to the automatic referencing that your Care Fees Planning specialist will do when an application is made for an Immediate Care Plan, please see our pre-funded policy cross checking service.

We have identified another possible scenario. This centres around older citizens, still in good or decent health, living in their own homes, who know they purchased a Long Term Care Insurance policy sometime ago, but want to either refresh themselves regarding how the plan works and how it will interact with other financial and standard of living planning or involve their family members in a positive way.

People will now be able to do this by implementing the Care Fees Planning verification service. This bespoke personal service, will look at all the details with the existing plan not just the hard facts and incorporate them into a better report evaluating other associated later life issues.

For a fixed package costs, this comprehensive service will enable the policyholder to:

1. Locate their policy documents
2. Inform at least two family members and or their GP of the existence of the plan and the location of the documents
3. Invest in a 90 minutes (or so) consultation with their local Care Fees Planning specialist to:
– Explore what the policy benefits are worth now
– How and when it will pay out
– The claims process
– How it will interact with any shift in circumstance and choice of future care
– Investigate other later life issues, such as Powers of Attorney, funeral planning and writing of wills.
– Look at their other finances and check they meet current requirements
– To locate the nearest Care Fees Planning specialist offering the Care Fees Verification service, simply look for the tick in the specialty box to the right of their profiles.

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