The Care Fees Planning Destiny Report

On Monday 11th February 2013, Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt made, what could be, the most significant announcements concerning the future of adult social care. Not simply did this create a media-frenzy, but it gave us a good opportunity to introduce our “Care Planning Destiny Report”.

We have long believed that healthy people should spend some time to plan effectively for their, albeit unknown, care future regardless of whether they might never need care and there aren’t any dedicated pre-funded products set into the mix.

The establishment of the new Care Fees Planning Destiny Report gives such type of forward planning a real structure.

We know from experience that placing a relative in a care home is simply an absolute crisis and time is simply not an available commodity. If you necessarily need to do this, you will know exactly what we mean.

It is for this reason we believe that younger citizens from around 65 and above should embrace the luxury of time now and utilize the services of a Care Fees Planning specialist who will consult with them to create very their personal and unique Care Fees Planning Destiny Report.

Approaching the situation head-on as it were, and drafting a personal Care Destiny, should prevent younger generation members of the family having to:

– second-guess what type of care “mum” would have wanted
– spend ages trying to find details about “mums” income, expenses and savings and
– locate and visit numerous care homes trying to find a proper one in a blind panic, often against the clock

Establishing a Care Fees Planning Destiny Report, gives people the opportunity to visit care homes in advance, to see what they’re really like and explore everything that would happen (personally & financially) if they needed care.

The Care Fees Planning Destiny Report will take people through a natural flow, including headings such as:

– Background & Personal Information
– Objectives
– Care Choices & Costs
– Care Fees Payment Calculation
– Current Legislation – If care was needed before April 2016
– Future Legislation – What would happen after April 2016
– Powers of Attorney
– Inheritance Tax Liability & Planning
– Wills & Funerals

If, after April 2016, care hasn’t been needed, the Care Fees Planning Destiny Report can be revisited, evaluated and rewritten accordingly.

An important part of that report is that not only can it be given to family members and or attorneys (at any time from its establishment) so that the situation is clearer as or when the need for care arises, but it creates a golden opportunity for healthy people to have a say in, and control over, their own care futures; even though it might be a long way off away and they may lack mental capacity at the time when their care is actually necessary.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our Care Destiny Report service.

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